Grieving Parents Donate Cuddle Cot to Middlesboro ARH Hosptial


For nine months, Megan and Felix were preparing for the birth of their son Kylan Jessie Bryant. Like many other expectant parents, they were busy getting the baby’s room ready and organizing all the gifts received from family and friends for Kylan’s arrival. Sadly, just before his due date, Kylan died in his mother’s womb—their hearts were broken and their grief was unimaginable.

“There is very little that can be said to those who lose their baby,” shared Megan. I've never heard more painful life-changing words than ‘there is no heartbeat.’ In that one single moment, I knew that nothing in my life would ever be the same, and a part of my heart will forever be broken,” shared Megan.

Devastated by her loss, Megan turned to God and her family for comfort. She also searched the Internet, reading stories of other young women who had lost a child, and then she found information on a Cuddle Cot, which is a new crib-cooling device used to preserve a baby’s body so parents have more time to say good-bye.

According to Amberly Pace, of the Kentucky Cuddle Cot Campaign, the Cuddle Cot is an in-room cooling unit that is the size of a small humidifier disguised inside a baby bassinet. While grieving parents are in the hospital, the unit offers families more time to spend with their baby. Availability of a unit allows precious hours for bonding, taking photos and allowing other family members to come and meet the baby before the natural changes that occur in death become more apparent. With the Cuddle Cot, the baby can stay in the room with the family the entire hospital stay if the family so desires. Though this may not be for everyone, the Cuddle Cot does allow families a choice.

“Although I cannot ease others pain as much as I wish I could, donating a cuddle cot in Kylan’s memory is a perfect way to start,” said Megan. “I wish I had access to this cot with my son. Even though God only allowed me to meet Kylan Jessie Bryant for a moment, he changed my life forever.”

The Cuddle Cot comes in a cobalt blue toy chest containing a cooling unit with a hose that attaches to a mat underneath the baby. The chest also contains a book for grieving parents. The Cuddle Cot that Megan and Felix donated to Middlesboro ARH Hospital has a beautiful gold plaque on top of the chest with the following message engraved:

 In honor of Kylan Jessie Bryant, January 23, 2016,

and all the babies too beautiful for Earth.

“Some people believe in angels. I held one in my arm.”

Forever in our hearts---love, Mommy, Daddy & family

“I hope through this donation, we can touch other people's lives and Kylan’s memory will live on,” adds Megan. “Mommy and Daddy love and miss you every day sweet boy!”

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