Hazard ARH Wound Care Center Makes a Big Difference for Zolo


Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center opened a new outpatient Wound Care Center in April with the goal to make a difference in the lives of local patients like Jethro Zolo, who recently completed 30  hyperbaric chamber treatments, which assisted in healing a condition called necrotizing fasciitis.

The Center’s hyperbaric chamber allows patients to receive pure oxygen to speed up the healing of their wounds, which provides a more advanced treatment option for those who qualify for the procedure.

The hyperbaric oxygen chambers works by surrounding the patient with 100 percent oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure. This increase in the amount of oxygen stimulates the tissues and helps the wounds heal more quickly. The only physical sensation resulting from the treatment is a slight pressure on the eardrum, such as that felt when an airplane lands, as the air chamber is pressurized.

"The greatest benefit for this type of treatment is that the oxygen has a therapeutic effect long after the patient is in the chamber," said ARH General Surgeon Chad Brashear, DO, and medical director for the Wound Care Center.

After completing 30 hyperbaric chamber treatments, Zolo made a remarkable recovery, which is evidence of the benefits of 100% oxygen therapy in healing wounds. The Hazard ARH Wound Care staff refers to Zolo as “a model patient” as he stayed positive about his healing and kept all his appointments.

Photo: Jethro Zolo holds a certificate presented to him by the Hazard ARH Wound Care Center staff for his commitment for participating in the hyperbaric chamber treatment program.


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