Invasive Cardiologist Joins Middlesboro ARH Medical Staff


Middlesboro ARH Hospital welcomes invasive cardiologist Ehtesham Ul Haq, MD, to its medical staff.  Dr. Haq joins Dr. William Minteer, invasive cardiologist, at ARH Cardiology Associates located at 3503 West Cumberland Avenue in Middlesboro.

Dr. Haq completed a fellowship in general cardiology at the University of South Alabama in Mobile.  He completed two residencies—one in internal medicine at SUNY in Syracuse, New York, and the other in advanced heart failure/transplant cardiology at the University of Washington in Seattle.                                                

Haq is board certified in nuclear cardiology interpretation, and specializes in the diagnosis, medical management (use of medicines), and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Haq performs cardiac tests including low-risk cardiac catheterization along with Dr. William Minteer at Middlesboro ARH Hospital.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Haq to our medical staff,” said Michael Slusher, Middlesboro ARH Community CEO. “Middlesboro ARH offers high-quality healthcare services by exceptional providers such as invasive cardiologists Dr. Haq and Dr. Minteer.”

Dr. Haq is accepting new patients at ARH Cardiology Associates, located at 3503 West Cumberland Avenue (across from Middlesboro ARH Hospital) in Middlesboro, Ky. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 606.242.2273.

Middlesboro ARH Cardiac Services

Cardiac Stress Testing—Patient walks on a treadmill while a nuclear medicine camera takes pictures of the heart.

Cardiac CatheterizationInvasive imaging procedure that tests for heart and coronary artery disease by allowing a cardiologist to actually see how well your heart is functioning through x-ray images.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)A simple, painless test that records the heart’s electrical activity, showing how fast your heart is beating and whether the rhythm is steady or irregular.

Holter MonitorThe monitor records the patient’s heart rhythms over a 24- to 48- hour period during normal activity.

Echocardiography (Echo)A painless test using sound waves to create moving pictures of you heart, revealing the size and shape of your heart.

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