Miss Lexington volunteers in Skilled Nursing Facility


At Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center, patient care is a priority and the ARH team in the Skilled Nursing Facility goes the extra mile to provide quality nursing and rehabilitation services to their patients along with fun activities like playing bingo with Miss Lexington Hope LeMaster.

According to LeMaster, community service is a huge part of the Miss America Organization. When she isn’t speaking to student groups about the importance of a good education, she enjoys volunteering her time at the Tug Valley ARH Skilled Nursing Facility.

While doing volunteer work at Tug Valley ARH, LeMaster has had the opportunity to get to know the patients on a personal level while doing activities together. Daily the residents gather for activities. LeMaster helps out and joins in the fun, especially when it’s time to play Bingo, which is one of their favorite activities.

“Our Skilled Nursing staff appreciates Hope LeMaster volunteering her time to bring smiles, laughter and hope to our patients,” shared Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center Community CEO Tim Hatfield.  

LeMaster is a student at the University of Kentucky (UK) and is pursing degrees in Political Science and Communications. After college she plans to attend law school.  

In the fall LeMaster will be returning to UK to begin her junior year. However, she plans to continue to volunteer at the Tug Valley ARH Skilled Nursing Facility throughout the summer and during any breaks in the school year.

According to LeMaster, she has found joy while trying to bring some to others. She shared: "The patients make me happy. I may be volunteering my time, but I would argue that I am the one benefitting."

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