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When you have decided to become an ARH Chaplain, you will need to complete three documents. One is the Chaplain Profile. Along with the Chaplain Profile, a background check and a Chaplaincy Disclosure Form need to be completed. All three of these documents may be obtained by contacting Chaplain Morgan Peterson, Director of Chaplaincy Services, (606) 487-7781 office - (859) 619-1005 cell or Ms Janice Vance in Human Resources (606) 487-7537 at the Hazard ARH System Center. Completed forms are mailed to the Chaplaincy Services Director.

ARH then processes the background check. Upon return of a favorable report, your references are then be contacted by Chaplaincy Services. Once your reference letters are received, you will be informed by letter that you are ready to be scheduled for ORIENTATION TO APPALACHIAN REGIONAL HEALTHCARE. This Orientation occurs at the local ARH Hospital and is done by the Director of Staff Education and Training. Information for scheduling of your Orientation will be detailed in the letter.

Upon completion of orientation to ARH and the local ARH Hospital, you will then be ready for the ORIENTATION TO ARH CHAPLAINCY SERVICES. This orientation is scheduled by the Director of Chaplaincy Services at your convenience and is done at your local ARH Hospital. Successful completion of Chaplaincy Services Orientation qualifies you as an ARH Chaplain. Your ARH Chaplaincy Services Identification badge is made and you are scheduled as an on-duty Chaplain-of-the-Week in the ensuing schedule.