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Construction Materials and Facts

The Denham/Blythe company began construction of the new Joe Craft Tower at Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center in April 2012.
Since that time, there has been approximately 200,000 man hours on the construction project. This relates to about an average of 50 people continuously working on the project for 2 years! Additionally, 90% of the work hours represent local area employees who either live in the immediate area or had a one hour or less daily drive to the project.

 Fast Facts about the construction project:
• Over 4,000cy of concrete
• 56 electrical panels
• Over 650 circuits
• 1,700 outlets
• 800 switches
• 210,000 ft or 40 miles of conduit

• 1,000,000 ft or 190 miles of copper wire weighing 70,000lbs
• 620 plumbing fixtures
• 4.3 miles of pipe
• 6772 feet of duct

New mechanical equipment:                                       
o (3) boilers
o (2) chillers
o (3) AHU
o (1) medical vacuum pump
o (1) Energy Recovery Chiller
o (13) pumps
o (2) cooling towers