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Q & A

1. What is the significance of the newly expanded Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center facility?
Annually, the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center cares for more than 14,000 inpatients, 100,000 outpatients, 25,000 emergency room patients and offers patients local access to some of the most advanced healthcare services. Local access to these advanced treatment options and high demand from neighboring counties has brought an increase in the number of patients seeking care at Hazard ARH necessitating the hospital to continue to grow along with the demand. When completed, patients will have access to a 358-bed Medical Center with state-of-the-art patient-focused design.

2. When will construction be complete?
The construction of the new tower will be completed in April 2014.  The Emergency Department will open on April 16th, followed by the opening of the 3rd floor on May 14th and the CVU/CCU on May 28th.  Before patients begin to receive care in the new tower, staff will have training and become familiar with the building, their units and equipment to allow for a seamless transition. During this time, hospital staff will conduct dry run exercises to test new equipment, facilities and processes. 

3. Has the project provided new jobs?
The hospital expansion is boosting the local economy. When fully utilizes, the new Joe Craft Tower doubles Emergency Department capacity and increases Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center’s bed capacity from 308 to 358. When the expanded capacity becomes fully utilized it is anticipated that the Medical Center will have added approximately 150 additional positions. Utilization will be ramped up based on the patient care needs of region served and new positions added to coincide with increased demand for service. The first round of hires included nurses, medical assistants, environmental services staff, hospital clerks and materials management staff. Meanwhile, there has been approximately 200,000 man hours on the construction project. This relates to about an average of 50 people continuously working on the project for 2 years! Additionally, 90% of the work hours represent local area employees who either live in the immediate area or had a one hour or less daily drive to the project.

4. When will the Joe Craft Tower open?
The new building will open its doors to patients in mid-April 2014.

5. How long will it take to move patients into the new patient tower?
Emergency Department patients will be moved the night of April 16th.   Patients will be transferred to Joe Craft West Tower 3rd Floor from the 2 Southeast Unit in the existing tower over an eight to 12 hour period on May 14th.  The first beds in the Joe Craft Tower CVU/CCU will be open for admission on May 28th.

6. How will patients enter the new tower?
Patients admitted directly from their physician’s office will enter the tower through the current registration department located adjacent to the front entrance of the hospital.  If assigned to a bed in the Joe Craft Tower, the admissions staff will transport the patients down the right hand corridor in front of lab and X-ray to the Joe Craft, West Tower Elevators.  Patients who come to the hospital by private vehicle to seek emergency services will enter under the Joe Craft Tower, Emergency Department canopy entrance.  Patients who arrive by ambulance will enter through the ambulance entrance at the rear of the Joe Craft Tower. 

7. What about parking?
Hospital and Emergency Department Parking is located in front of the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center.  Parking adjacent to the ambulance entrance is restricted to ambulances, emergency personnel, and physicians.

Professional Office Building clinic parking and the new entrance to the Professional Office Building is located behind the clinic building and can be reached by circling in front of the Hospital, Emergency Department, and Physician Parking. 

New directional signage will clearly mark locations and parking areas.

Here's more about the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center
The Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center is a 308-bed, acute-care hospital with an adjacent psychiatric hospital, the ARH Psychiatric Center, which is the designated State acute mental health facility for a 21-county region in Eastern Kentucky.
Hazard ARH also features an
Accredited Chest Pain Center; Level II Nursery, Accredited Cancer Center, Accredited Breast Center, and is proud to be the first Eastern Kentucky hospital to join the UK Stroke Affiliate Network.

The Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center is the only original Minors Memorial Hospital that has been replaced. The medical center was opened in April 1987 and was the most modern and technologically advanced hospital in the mountains. Since that time, we have made significant enhancements to our services in Hazard, including the Psychiatric Center, the Cancer Center, the Medical Mall, and our Open Heart program. Today, the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center is truly a regional referral center for hospitals and medical staffs throughout Eastern Kentucky. This new patient tower and emergency department will only enhance our ability to carry out the mission of this regional medical center for the people in Eastern Kentucky.

With the opening of the new, expanded Emergency Department and 50 additional beds, the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center will have 358 beds in operation.