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ARH Bariatric Surgery & Medical Weight Loss Management Center
210 Black Gold Blvd, Suite 102
Hazard, KY 41701


When it comes to weight loss there is no such thing as a one size fi ts all program because it requires different treatment at different times in your life. That’s why we offer customized weight loss solutions, tailored to every phase of your weight loss journey.

Whether you need to lose 10-15 extra pounds or your weight loss needs are more signifi cant, the new Medical Weight Management Program could be the answer to your weight loss needs.

Our non-surgical Medical Weight Management Program addresses not only what you eat, but why you eat offering programs custom-tailored to your needs, goals and lifestyle, including:

• A medical team consisting of a recognized weight loss physicians, nurse practitioner and registered dietitian.
• Nutrition and behavior modifi cation classes and workshops
• Exercise programs
• Body composition testing
• Resting metabolic rate measurement
• Individual sessions with a registered dietitian
• Wellness coaching
• Nutritional counseling
• Meal replacement options
• Vitamin and mineral supplementation
• Appetite suppressants if certain criteria are met
• A specialized weight loss and weight management program for adolescents.

$250 Program Fee (includes four visits with $100 due at time initial visit.)

Vitamin and mineral supplementation products also available.

ARH employees get a 20% discount on program fee!