ARH Cancer Services-Harlan - A Local Option for Cancer Care

Harlan ARH Hospital
81 Ball Park Road
Harlan, KY

A cancer diagnosis is a frightening experience and while it may be your first instinct to turn to a larger city for such specialized care,did you know many of the same forms of cancer treatment are available a little closer to home at Harlan ARH Hospital?

Harlan ARH’s oncology services are lead by Lois Kamugisha, MD, a board-certified specialist in hematology and oncology,who can diagnose and treat all forms of cancer and has an accomplished background managing highly complex cancer cases.

Choosing to have your treatment at Harlan ARH means you are able to get chemotherapy and other infusion therapies such as IVIG, IV antibiotics, transfusions, as well as Neupogen and Procrit injections, locally,keeping you in close contact with your referring physician and much-needed support team of family and friends.

Lois Kamugisha, MD

Lois Kamugisha, MD
Board-certified medical oncologist/hematologist

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