2016 Annual ARH CARES Award Winners


Appalachian Regional Healthcare honored employees from across its Kentucky and West Virginia system who have been named their respective hospital’s 2016 Annual ARH CARES Award Winners recently in Lexington. 

These 12 CARES Award recipients were honored because of their proven dedication and commitment to exceeding the ARH CARES Standards (Communication, Attentive, Respectful, Environment and Special) in their local communities. 
“These employees have been recognized as going above and beyond to care for our patients, the communities we serve and their coworkers,” ARH President and CEO Joe Grossman said. “We are very proud of each of our CARES winners and sincerely appreciate their dedication to a health system that means so much to our communities.” 

Those honored as the 2016 Annual ARH CARES Winner, include:


• Beckley ARH Hospital’s winner is Charley Roles, a stores clerk. Charley has been employed at Beckley ARH for the past 44 years and is always friendly and kind with co-workers. Charley was described as going above and beyond when making deliveries and he is always willing to get information, track items and do whatever he can to make the staff’s lives easier.

• Harlan ARH Hospital winner is Tammy Howard, a cafeteria and kitchen helper. Tammy has worked at Harlan ARH for the past 7 years and has proven her dedication to Harlan ARH by her willingness to care for patients and guests, especially the ones who are hungry on the evening shift. Tammy was described as going above and beyond to serve others by fixing foods they want even when it’s not on the line.

 Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center’s winner is Michael Fields, an environmental service aide. Michael has been assisting patients for the past 2 years. Michael was described as an outstanding employee who takes pride in his work and goes above and beyond to make sure his areas are clean and that the needs of patients and visitors are meet. Michael is valued by his co-workers and is an example for others to follow.

• ARH System Center-Hazard’s winner is Linda Campbell, a business office clerk for ARH Home Services. Linda has been with ARH for the past 38 years. Linda was described as an exceptional employee with a caring attitude and willingness to go out of her way to help someone at work, home, in the community, and recognized for her commitment to all the four-legged friends.

• ARH System Center Lexington’s winner is Troye Shipp, a network engineer for the ARH system. Troye has been employed for the past 30 years, assisting employees throughout the ARH system with technical computer-related matters. Troye was described as going above and beyond to fix any issue, even after hours, and though he does not provide direct patient care, he impacts their treatment in many ways.

 Mary Breckinridge ARH Hospital’s winner is Kyle Farmer, a staff nurse who has worked for ARH for the past 2 years. Farmer was described as a wonderful employee in every aspect—he is honest, dependable and hardworking and always has a positive attitude. His patients and co-workers admire his dedication and commitment to quality care.

• McDowell ARH Hospital’s winner is Shelly Harvey, a nurse aide who has worked for ARH for the past 22 years.
Shelly was recognized for treating patients and their families, as well as her co-workers, with the upmost respect and always having a smile on her face.  Shelly shows patients and staff that she is dedicated to providing exceptionally good care. Shelly was described as being the perfect example of the ARH patient care philosophy of providing excellence to ‘every patient, every time.’

• Middlesboro ARH Hospital’s winner is Paula Longworth, a respiratory therapy technologist. Paula has worked for ARH for 8 years, and has always shown her devotion to her patients. Her Christian faith leads her to go the extra mile for patients. When a patient was dying and no family was there, Paula stayed with the patient until the end because it was important to her that the patient not be alone.  Paula was described as a shining example of the CARES Standards.

• Morgan County ARH Hospital’s winner is Tonya Nickles, a staff nurse. Tonya has worked for ARH for 19 ½ years as a registered nurse. She has cared for inpatients, handled the dynamic Emergency Department environment and visited patients in their homes as a Home Health nurse.  After suffering the loss of a child, Tonya and her husband along with other colleagues established the first annual WALK TO REMEMBER for those who have lost children. Tonya was nominated by a patient’s family and described as having a listening ear and showing compassion to their loved one.

• Summers County ARH Hospital’s winner is Glorible “Belle” Dalida, a laboratory senior medical technician who has served ARH for the past 14 years. Belle was recognized by one of her peers for “doing the right thing, at the right time and for the right reason.”  This occurred when a patient presented to the out-patient sticking room for blood work.  The patient began to feel ill.  Dalida sat beside her, asking questions to determine the problem.  Dalida did a blood sugar check, notified the physician and immediately proceeded to get the patient orange juice to help raise blood sugar levels. Dalida also took the time to educate the patient on why this occurred and ways to help prevent it in the future.  When the patient left, Dalida followed up with another ARH staff member to make sure he was aware of the situation while he was performing another procedure on the patient.  

• Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center’s winner is Jessica May, a respiratory therapy technician. Jessica has worked for the hospital for the past 10 years. She was nominated because of her dedication and going the extra mile for a pediatric patient who had been in the hospital for several days and was bored with TV and coloring. Jessica recognized what the patient needed, so she played board games with the patient to make him happy. She made his day and he told the staff that night all about it. Jessica was described as consistently making a difference in the lives of patients.

• Whitesburg ARH Hospital’s winner is Allen Fugate, a radiology technician who has worked closely with patients and staff for the past 19 years. Allen was described as being dependable and timely with his responsibilities. He also was recognized as being kind and caring to all patients, and an all-around team player.  Co-workers described Allen as the ‘go-to’ person when dealing with children, because kids respond well to Allen’s gentle nature and his ability to perform phlebotomy on kids is legendary.

2016 ARH CARES Award Winners: (back row, left to right) Shelly Harvey, McDowell ARH; Michael Fields, Hazard ARH; Charley Roles, Beckley ARH; Troye Shipp, Lexington System Center; Kyle Farmer, Mary Breckinridge ARH; Allen Fugate, Whitesburg ARH; (front row, left to right) Linda Campbell, Hazard System Center; Paula Longworth, Middlesboro ARH; Tonya Nickles, Morgan County ARH; Jessica May, Tug Valley ARH; Belle Dalida, Summers County ARH; and Tammy Howard, Harlan ARH.

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