2017 Annual ARH CARES Award Winners


Appalachian Regional Healthcare honored employees from across its Kentucky and West Virginia system who have been named their respective hospital’s 2017 Annual ARH CARES Award Winners recently in Lexington.

These 13 CARES Award recipients were honored because of their proven dedication and commitment to exceeding the ARH CARES Standards (Communication, Attentive, Respectful, Environment and Special) in their local communities.

“These employees have been recognized as going above and beyond to care for our patients, the communities we serve and their coworkers,” ARH President and CEO Joe Grossman said. “We are very proud of each of our CARES winners and sincerely appreciate their dedication to a health system that means so much to our communities.”

2017 ARH CARES Award Winners: (back row, left to right) Joe Grossman, ARH President and CEO; Kristy Smith, Harlan ARH; Rick North, Barbourville ARH; Andrew Fugate, Whitesburg ARH; John McGuire, Beckley ARH; Larry “Apple” Adkins, Middlesboro ARH; Greg Pauley, chairman of the ARH Board of Trustees (front row, left to right) Sharon Dixon, Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center; Anita Phillips, Summers County ARH; James “JT” Tinsley, Lexington System Center; Molly Grigsby, Hazard System Center; Melissa Ratliff, Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center; Iris Blanton, McDowell ARH; and Elizabeth Pace, Mary Breckinridge ARH. Not pictured is Jacklyn Gamble, Morgan County ARH.

Those honored as the 2017 Annual ARH CARES Winner, include:

  • Barbourville ARH Hospital’s winner is Rick North, an ultrasound and echo technician. Rick has been employed at Barbourville ARH for the past 20 years and is always friendly, respectful and courteous with patients and staff. Rick was described as being very attentive to his patients’ needs, going above and beyond to ensure their comfort and giving 110 percent with pride in his work.

  • Beckley ARH Hospital’s winner is John McGuire, a truck driver for ARH Home Services. John has been employed at Beckley ARH for the past 22 years and is known as always putting the patient first. He has been known to go to the pharmacy for home-bound patients and even pay for food and pharmacy needs from his own pocket. John was described as a loyal employee who makes serving ARH patients his top priority even during the hardest winter storms or hottest summer days.

  • Harlan ARH Hospital winner is Kristy Smith, a clinical manager. Kristy has 13 years of service with ARH as a registered nurse. She has been described as the perfect example of what a nurse should be, treating each patient like they are a member of her own family. Kristy even has sacrificed her own personal free time to ensure her patients receive the best care and plans celebrations for patients at the conclusion of their chemo regiment.

  • Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center’s winner is Sharon Dixon, a licensed practical nurse. Sharon has been with ARH for 26 years. Currently working at the ARH Psychiatric Center, Sharon was described by a co-worker as the ‘best employee at ARH’ because she is always busy helping patients and staff in any way that she can, and she does it with a smile.

  • ARH Hazard System Center’s winner is Molly Grigsby, an environmental service aide. Molly has been with ARH for the past 18 years. Molly was described as being very friendly, courteous and a great worker who is always saying a kind word to each person she meets.

  • ARH Lexington System Center’s winner is James “JT” Tinsley, a senior project manager for the ARH system. JT has been employed for the past 29 years in the IT Department. JT was described as hard working, dedicated and honest. Although his job is stressful, JT is even tempered and treats everyone with kindness and respect, and was selected for the award because he embodies the spirit of ARH.

  • Mary Breckinridge ARH Hospital’s winner is Elizabeth Pace, a radiology technologist who has worked for ARH for the past 3 years. Elizabeth was described as being able to put a smile on anyone’s face and always willing to go the extra mile to help patients and co-workers. Though Elizabeth has many attributes, one of her best is how she remembers her patients and their families by name. Elizabeth is a true example of ‘every patient, every employee, every time.’

  • McDowell ARH Hospital’s winner is Iris Blanton, a licensed practical nurse who has worked for ARH for the past 4 years. Iris was described as being very respectful of patients’ family members as well as her patients, and always helping her co-workers when needed. Always a team player, Iris received the award for her excellent nursing skills.

  • Middlesboro ARH Hospital’s winner is Larry “Apple” Adkins, a plant maintenance repairman who has worked for Middlesboro ARH for 22 years. Apple was described as having a servant’s heart—always ready to step in and help others when there is a need. He has gone above and beyond to insure the grounds, parking lots and walkways at the hospital look their best and he is compassionate and caring to everyone he meets.

  • Morgan County ARH Hospital’s winner is Jacklyn Gamble, a respiratory therapist. Jacklyn has worked for ARH for 9 years. Jacklyn was described as always providing reliable patient care, excellent team support and often volunteering to cover open shifts. Jacklyn was recognized for going the extra mile for a patient who was being discharged. The patient was having anxiety because her oxygen concentrator was not charged and she would have no oxygen to use on the way home, so Jacklyn recharged the concentrator using her personal vehicle. In an hour the concentrator was fully charged and the patient had oxygen and was able to stop by the grocery store on the way home.

  • Summers County ARH Hospital’s winner is Anita Phillips, a licensed practical nurse who has served ARH for the past 25 years. Anita was recognized by her co-workers for an act of kindness and compassion shown to an elderly couple who came to the clinic. This occurred when an elderly couple had a car accident in the parking lot. Once the couple refused treatment in the ER, they were taken to their clinic appointments. At the clinic Anita went above and beyond during their visit by comforting them with hugs and attentiveness. Once she learned their vehicle would be towed and the couple was concerned about how they would get home with their dog and belongings, Anita offered to move their belongings into her personal vehicle and take them and their dog home. Anita went above and beyond her job to comfort the couple and care for their needs.

  • Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center’s winner is Melissa Ratliff, an occupational therapist and assistant director of rehabilitation services. Melissa has worked for the hospital for 4 years. She was nominated for going above and beyond for a patient in need. Melissa donated her time after work to provide additional therapy for a patient recovering from a traumatic brain injury. She even traveled to Atlanta on her own time for additional training so she could more effectively treat the patient. She also reached out to the local community and the Tug Valley Road Runners Club to obtain a specialty wheelchair and a lift for home use when the patient went home on the weekend.

  • Whitesburg ARH Hospital’s winner is Andrew Fugate, a licensed practical nurse who has worked at ARH for the past 3 years. Fugate was described as having a deep compassion for his patients and their families, and providing quality nursing care with a personal touch. Fugate is taking classes to complete a registered nurse program while working full time at Whitesburg ARH.
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