UK Blue Angels Program Brings High-Risk Obstetric Care to Middlesboro


Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant will be pleased to learn that Middlesboro ARH partners with UK Healthcare to provide a valuable Blue Angels program which provides the highest quality ultrasounds along with telemedicine consultations with obstetricians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies.

The UK Blue Angels program is a tremendous blessing for our patients,” said Dr. John Williamson, board certified OB-GYN at Middlesboro ARH Hospital. “Our partnership with UK Healthcare provides us the opportunity to provide a level of service at the ARH Women’s Health Center that was previously available only at specialized medical centers.”

According to Williamson, through the UK Blues Angel program, local patients can receive the highest quality obstetrical ultrasounds and telemedicine consultations without the need to travel to Lexington or Knoxville.

Through this unique program, a UK sonographer travels to Middlesboro with a portable videoconference device, and sees patients Dr. Williamson has identified as high-risk based on information from the Middlesboro ARH clinic ultrasound technology.

The briefcase-size video system, which includes a camera and microphone, connects to the ultrasound equipment and allows a UK obstetrician, who specialized in high-risk pregnancies, to see the ultrasound as it is being performed, guide the technician through the study and communicate with the patient just as if they were in the same room.

“This is advanced maternity care here at home,” Dr. Williamson added.  “An early diagnosis and intervention in most instances can insure the best possible health outcome for newborns.”

A local patient whose ultrasound showed a possible concern praised the Blue Angels program and the quality of care she received from the UK sonographer, Dr. Williamson and his team.

“I chose the ARH Women’s Health Center when I realized I was pregnant,” shared Gina Tuttle. “During my clinic appointments, I met with Meredith Eades and Dr. Williamson and they both were friendly and caring and took time to answer all my questions.  Dr. Williamson performed my ultrasounds initially and though everything was going well with the pregnancy, he asked the UK sonographer with the Blue Angels program to perform an anatomy ultrasound and take a closer look at my baby’s heart.”

According to Tuttle, during one of the ultrasounds, a light spot on the baby’s heart was noted, and even though Dr. Williamson didn’t believe there was anything really wrong, he contacted UK Healthcare for a second opinion.”

Thankfully, Tuttle received confirmation through the UK Blue Angels program that her baby was healthy.  “My husband Roger and I were so relieved that our baby girl was okay,” said Tuttle.  “We really appreciated the opportunity for a second opinion through the UK Blue Angels program, and we didn’t have to drive to Lexington to get it, which is even better.”

Tuttle gave birth to Chloe Grace on November 7. She weighed eight pounds and 8 ounces and was 20 ½ inches long.  “We were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl,” exclaimed Tuttle. “Chloe is our second daughter; our oldest daughter Rylee (19 months old) is so excited to have a little sister.”

“I want to thank Dr. Williamson, Meredith and the OB staff for taking such good care of me and Chloe,” added Tuttle. “I really appreciated the attention I received, and at night when I needed to rest, I could trust my nurse Heather to watch over Chloe while I slept.”

Dr. Williamson is accepting new patients at the ARH Women’s Health Center in downtown Middlesboro. His office is located at 2004 Cumberland Avenue, Suite 100 in the APEX building.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 606.248.3015.


Photo cutline:  Roger and Gina Tuttle and their two daughters Rylee and Chloe celebrate their blessings this holiday.

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