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A Healing Environment

A pleasant, safe environment is one of the first things people notice about our new unit. The Senior Center is a bright, cheerful environment with state-of-the-art features designed for comfort, safety, and medical support. The rooms are furnished with medical beds, oversized handrails, shatterproof windows and mirrors, special lighting fixtures, and safety outlets. Bathing facilities feature a temperature controlled walk-in tub, and roll-in shower. The unit has comfortable furniture and large screen TV's with Internet access for patient education, entertainment, and even video fitness games.

Your loved one may have a private or semiprivate room while in our care. Each room has its own bathroom. Outside each room is a Memory Box for each patient. The Memory Box can be filled with pictures and other small mementos from home to remind the patient that is their room. Patients also have access to a Courtyard where they can enjoy sitting outside or even planting flowers.