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Hazard ARH is now accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). As one of a limited number of nationally accredited breast centers in the state, we take a multidisciplinary team-approach to coordinate the best available treatment options.

From board-certified surgeons to our partnerships with the state-of-the-art Medical Mall Imaging Center, local oncologists and the ARH Cancer Center, we offer the full spectrum of care to patients with breast disease including routine screenings, diagnostic exams, breast biopsies, surgery, and if needed ,cancer treatment services.

And we guarantee we can schedule your appointment with a member of our breast care team within 48 hours!

Why Choosing an Accredited Center is Important
NAPBC accredited breast centers such as Hazard ARH have met set criteria and take a multidisciplinary team approach to diagnosing and treating patients with breast disease.

To ensure the best in breast care is being offered, accredited centers have undergone a rigorous application process and on-site survey to assure the NAPBC standards are being met. These centers voluntarily enter into an agreement to maintain their high level of clinical care with re-certification required every three years.

NAPBC accredited programs such as Hazard ARH provide the following components of care, each of which contribute to quality patient care:
• Imaging
• Needle Biopsy
• Surgical Care
• Pathology
• Patient Navigation Programs
• Genetic Evaluation and Management
• Medical and Radiation Oncology
• Plastic Surgery Consultation/Treatment
• Outreach, Education, Support, and Rehabilitation
• Survivorship Program

The nationally accredited breast center at Hazard ARH can provide all your breast care needs right here at home.

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