Want Help By Sewing Fabric Surgical Masks For ARH?

With critical low levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including manufactured surgical masks, across the nation, ARH hospitals gladly accepts donated hand-sewn masks to keep our healthcare workers safe.

Your time and talent can greatly impact our ability to care for our community members and help ensure our safety as we do. Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used. Still a large supply is needed, as each healthcare worker will need to change their mask several times during their shifts, as the mask becomes soiled or damp – for maximum protection.

We are not worried about looking stylish – but we are concerned about functionality. A well sewn mask with no frayed edges or missed seams or holes is important.

In order to make sure the masks are safe and as effective as possible we ask that you consider the following points.

  • It is most helpful to us a standard pattern to ensure proper fit and function. Please use the following patterns and instruction sheet.
    • One Sheet Instruction
    • DIY Facemask
    • You can also watch a YouTube video here to guide you through the process.
    • Recommend using fabric for the outer portion of the mask that is heavier, non-stretch fabric, such as denim, duck cloth, canvas, twill, or other tightly woven fabric.
    • Recommend using fabric for the inner lining and filter pocket that is cotton, cotton-blend, and non-stretch fabric.
      • Must be laundered in Hot water prior to sewing to prevent shrinkage.
      • Polyester or other less breathable fabrics will not work as well, due to moisture produced when breathing.
      • If using denim or other fabric that is being “recycled,” please be sure it is clean and in good shape. Worn or dirty fabric will not be protective.
      • Elastic should be in good shape, with plenty of stretch and of an appropriate size to fit over the ears.

Completed Masks

Enclose completed masks in a closed plastic bag or closed plastic box.

When you are ready to drop off, please bring the masks to the front entrance of your local ARH hospital.

Please DO NOT come into the hospital to drop off masks.  We do not want to increase the risk of exposure to our community members.

We will launder the masks prior to use so you do not need to wash them prior to delivery.