Rehabilitation Therapy

Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or the disease has touched someone you love, ARH provides you local treatment options to help in the fight against cancer.

Rehabilitation Therapy

ARH’s Rehabilitation Services departments provides comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapies.


Appalachian Regional Healthcare has highly skilled, compassionate therapists that make your recovery their primary focus. Dedicated to your care, our therapists carefully evaluate and determine the path needed to direct you on your personal track of recovery. A comprehensive team of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists provide treatment for all age groups. See your family physician for a referral to ARH Rehabilitation Services.


• Aquatic Therapy only available at Whitesburg ARH
• Functional Capacity Evaluations
• Hand Therapy
• Kinesio Taping
• Lymphedema Therapy
• Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Rock Blade) – A method to treat both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries

Physical Therapy Services

ARH Physical Therapy Services can help you regain normal function if you have been affected by an accident, illness, or injury.


• Restores physical function
• Improves mobility and balance
• Promotes wound healing
• Improves muscular endurance and strength
• Minimizes physical disabilities of patient suffering from injury or disease
• Provides Pain Management

Occupational Therapy Services

ARH Occupational Therapy Services are helpful to patients that need assistance with daily living skills.

• Improves Strength
• Restores mobility
• Improves independence
• Creates custom splinting
• Enhances development
• Minimizes disabilities
• Improves ability to carry out activities of daily living

Speech Therapy

ARH Speech Therapy assists individuals with communication disorders or difficulty swallowing commonly due to disease or injury

• Regains swallowing skills
• Regains lost speech and language of individuals who have had strokes and /or brain trauma
• Assists with language disorders such as understanding and giving directions, asking and answering questions, and conveying ideas
• Education individuals and families to understand and deal with speech and language disorders.


Learn more about: Speech-Language Disorders and Swallowing Disorders.