ARH Files Two Federal Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against SUN/NNU Unions


On Wednesday, April 23, ARH filed two additional Federal Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against the Southern United Nurses/National Nurses United (SUN/NNU) unions for their failure to bargain to reach a contract for ARH’s registered nurses.

Cited in the charges are the SUN/NNU’s refusal to bargain with the ARH negotiations team and the unions’ refusal to provide ARH with individual vote count in favor and against ARH’s Last, Best, and Final proposal which the SUN/NNU says was voted down by ARH’s 734 registered nurses in southeastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia on April 17.

Additionally, while the SUN/NNU agreed in a letter dated June 23, 2008, that ARH has the right “to bargain individual collective bargaining agreements with SUN at each . . . separately certified unit at the expiration of the current contract (April 30, 2011, or any succeeding anniversary),” the union this week refused to discuss contract issues with each facilities union leadership individually. Based on information provided by the local communities, ARH believes different facilities have separate concerns regarding ARH’s proposal which could be resolved if ARH were permitted to discuss the contract individually and respond to membership concerns.

It remains the position of ARH that contract negotiations with the SUN/NNU are hopelessly deadlocked and at impasse. Since ARH presented its Last, Best and Final contract proposal on April 15, 2014, SUN/NNU has not made a positive response.

Indeed, the last proposal made by SUN/NNU was regressive in nature. The 5 percent across-the-board wage increase proposal of SUN/NNU, which was unacceptable to ARH, has remained unchanged since it was made on April 14, 2014. Moreover, as recently as yesterday at the meeting requested by SUN/NNU, and notwithstanding the strong urging of the Federal Mediator, SUN/NNU did not indicate any willingness to move off its contract positions.

ARH has notified the SUN/NNU of its intention to move forward with implementation of its Last, Best and Final offer upon expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement on April 30, and its stands ready and willing to meet with SUN/NNU to discuss implementation. In a letter to ARH dated April 22, the SUN/NNU representation indicated the SUN/NNUI is neither willing to agree to bargain with each unit separately, nor agree to discuss the implementation of ARH’s Last, Best, nor Final Offer.

It is ARH’s responsibility to our patients, communities and more than 4,000 other employees to ensure our hospitals continue normal operations. With this top of mind, if SUN/NNU fails to meet with ARH by Monday, April 28, 2014, ARH will detail in a letter to SUN/NNU those portions of its Last, Best and Final contract proposal that it will implement on May 1, 2014.

You can read the letters from both ARH and the SUN/NNU below:
Letter from SUN/NNU Representative Dewey Parker

Letter from ARH to SUN/NNU

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