Coping with Life's Changes


Whether you or a loved one has been coping with unresolved grief, moodiness, sleep or appetite changes or moments of loneliness or despair, you can trust the professional senior care healthcare team at Mary Breckinridge ARH Hospital to help you safely cope with life’s changes and get your life back on track.

The Senior Care Program at Mary Breckinridge ARH offers guidance to seniors on how to handle life’s challenges, keep your body strong and enjoy your life. All services are confidential, and the experienced healthcare professionals can lead you through a challenge to an improved lifestyle as well as better overall health.


 “We want seniors to enjoy life with their families and friends,” said Tammy Melton, senior care program director and registered nurse. “That’s why we offer quality six to 12-week outpatient treatment sessions for seniors struggling with a life change.”


According to Melton, the Senior Care Program offers seniors who experience a loss of interest in daily activities, aches and pains with no physical cause, restlessness, loss of energy, or difficulty in thinking clearly group, both individual and family therapy as well as medication management for behavioral health diagnosis. Also, services are coordinated with the individual’s primary care physician.


“Our Senior Care Program is all about restoring hope and balance,” added Mallie S. Noble, Mary Breckinridge ARH Administrator. “Whatever the challenge, our experienced healthcare team makes a real difference in the lives of our senior patients.”


For more information about the Senior Care Program at Mary Breckinridge ARH Hospital, call 606.672.1105.

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