Police Officer proves determination brings success


Police officers are local super heroes. Whether it is responding to a frightened motorist trapped in an overturned vehicle, saving a terrified child from an abductor or taking out a shooter before innocent lives are lost, police officers risk their lives daily to save others. When one of our local heroes was injured in an accident last year, he was determined to get well and go back to protecting the people of Bell County.

“Last year I fell and injured my left arm and after receiving medical attention, I was told I had a radial nerve injury and needed physical therapy. I went to a local physical therapy group to regain strength and mobility in my arm, hand and fingers. Unfortunately after several months of physical therapy, I still could not lift my left arm or move my hand and fingers. It was so frustrating,” Doyle Halcomb shared.

According to Halcomb, he was told the physical therapy wasn’t working and that he would never shoot a gun or get back into his police cruiser again. But Halcomb would not accept defeat. After spending the last 20 years serving as a police officer and surviving car chases, crashes, jumping from helicopters and facing dangerous situations all in order to protect the good people of Bell County, Halcomb was not allowing this injury to stop him from returning to the job he loved.

Determined to regain his strength and mobility, Halcomb saw another physician.
“I explained to this doctor that I never give up on anything,” said Halcomb. “When I’m faced with a challenge, I hit it head on. There’s no way I will allow this injury to keep me from my goals in life.”

After realizing Halcomb was not about to give up, his physician ordered aggressive occupational therapy for his left arm and hand.

“The doctor said I could choose where I wanted to go for the therapy, and even though some people said I should go to Knoxville, I chose to go to Middlesboro ARH Hosptial,” said Halcomb.

When asked why he chose Middlesboro ARH, Halcomb stated: “I heard their rehabilitation team was successful at helping people in the community regain their mobility; and I was determined to be their next success story.”

Though the first month of treatment was challenging, Halcomb noticed real improvement first in his fingers and then his hand.

“Before I came to Middlesboro ARH, I couldn’t even touch the tips of my fingers to my thumb on my left hand. After working with my occupational therapist for a few sessions, it was so amazing when I was able to move my fingers and then my wrist.

According to Halcomb, he continued to make progress, regaining strength and mobility in his left hand and arm; and after several months of aggressive occupational therapy at Middlesboro ARH, Halcomb achieved two major goals: to get back into his cruiser and to go back to the shooting range.

“Being a police officer is who I am and what I do best, and now I am back to work where I belong,” explained Halcomb. “I want to thank Melanie Harris, occupational therapist at Middlesboro ARH Hospital for keeping me focused on my goals and for the excellent care I received. I’m proud to be one of their success stories!”

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