Whitesburg ARH Hospital Volunteers Recognized at Kentucky Hospital Association Annual Convention


The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) presented awards to several hospital volunteer groups during the Association’s Auxiliary/Volunteer Luncheon on May 8, at the 85th Annual KHA Convention in Lexington. 

The HANDS Awards (Helping Accomplish Noteworthy Duties Successfully) recognize outstanding volunteer/auxiliary programs in hospitals across the state. Whitesburg ARH Hospital was singled out as one of two recipients of a HANDS Award for an In-Service Hospital Project. 

The “Silver Spoon” project is a favorite project of the Whitesburg ARH Auxiliary. The program offers both the opportunity to serve patients and join with new parents in welcoming a new blessing to their home. The auxiliary purchases silver baby spoons that are engraved with the Whitesburg ARH Auxiliary name on the handle. The spoon is in a plastic sleeve and members tie the spoons with pink or blue ribbons with a congratulatory card. Spoons are presented to the parents by an Auxiliary member the day after delivery. The spoons have become a favorite keepsake of each family who has given birth at the hospital. 

“The Auxiliary began the Silver Spoon project about 15 years ago,” shared Rachel Breeding, Whitesburg ARH Auxiliary Coordinator. “Auxiliary members deliver around 500 silver spoons to new parents each year. It’s become a proud tradition at Whitesburg ARH, and our Auxiliary is thrilled to win the prestigious HANDS award.” 

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