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Appalachian Regional Healthcare cordially invites you to consider becoming an ARH Chaplain. This involves much thought and prayer as well as gathering information about the particulars of ARH Chaplaincy Services. ARH will do all that we can to assist you through this process.

If you have questions or wish to have more information, please contact the Local ARH Hospital Chaplaincy Services Contact Person, the local ARH Hospital Chaplaincy Services Liaison, and/or the local ARH Chaplaincy Services Committee President. The contact information for these persons is to be found under each local ARH Hospital page on this website. You may also contact Chaplain Tim Reynolds at the locations listed below.

Ministry to persons who are hospitalized is an ancient tradition in the major faiths of the world. ARH invites you to consider becoming a part of the ministry of pastoral care in the hospital setting and to join the unique fellowship of religious and spiritual care providers known as chaplains.

How to Become an ARH Chaplain

Chaplain Timothy Reynolds, Director
ARH Chaplaincy Services
Hazard ARH System Center
100 Airport Gardens Road
Hazard KY 41701- 9529
(606) 487-7781