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About Your Admission

Our admissions department is your entry point into the hospital. As part of our continuum of care, the admissions process needs to be very thorough, allowing for many questions. All the information collected is a necessary part of your medical treatment. Your medical and financial records are held in complete confidence, and only properly authorized individuals have access to them. We respect your privacy and appreciate your cooperation during the admission process. During your registration, an admissions clerk will ask to see a photo ID. You will be asked to sign permits for treatments and tests requested by your doctor. An identification bracelet will be placed around your wrist by the admissions clerk or member of our nursing staff. Because it is important that you play an active role in your healthcare, the following section will explain some aspects of your care with which you need to be familiar.

Patient Information

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. If you forgot something, please let one of the nursing staff know, so they can contact a family member or see that you get what you need.


An up-to-date list of any prescribed medications you take should be brought with you and given to the nursing staff. Please discuss these medications with your physician.


We request that you do not bring any electrical appliances. If such an appliance is necessary, please let your nurse know, so our hospital electrician can check it.


Please do not bring valuables such as money and jewelry to the hospital. If this is not possible, we can put these items in a secured area for you until it is time for you to return home. The hospital cannot be held responsible for valuables kept in your room or on your person.