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Appalachian Regional Healthcare Psychology Internship

ARH Psychiatric Center

The Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) Psychiatric Center is a one hundred bed, adult, private, nonprofit psychiatric facility dedicated to serving the inpatient mental health needs of adults within a twenty-one county region located in Eastern Kentucky. This facility provides access to a variety of mental health workers, including licensed clinical psychologists, licensed psychological associates, psychiatrists, social workers, occupational and recreational/activity therapists, psychiatric nurses, and case coordinators. Opportunities to interact with family practice physicians, medical residents, pharmacists, clinical dietitians, and other health care workers are also available on a regular basis. The ability to interact with other disciplines and function as part of a multidisciplinary team is critical in this facility, where each team meets frequently to assess patient progress toward treatment goals.

While functioning in the hospital environment, interns gain experience in working with individuals having serious psychiatric disorders. At this facility, interns receive training and experience in clinical interviewing, brief psychological screening, psychological assessment, treatment planning, individual therapy, and group therapy. Interns complete portions of this rotation on one or more of the four units contained within the hospital. Dependent upon interest and availability, interns may also participate in a number of other activities. These might include supervision of practicum students, (when available), participation in hospital committee meetings, development of educational/training programs for staff, formulating behavioral modification plans, observing or participating in legal proceedings for involuntary commitments or forced treatment, and/or evaluation of treatment programming. Interns are also provided with the opportunity to observe and participate in competency evaluations for mentally ill persons facing legal charges.

ARH Bariatric Clinic

At the ARH Bariatric Clinic interns provide assessments for patients who wish to undergo bariatric surgery including patients who are candidates for gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve, and for the lap-band procedure. Currently these assessments are scheduled for Wednesday mornings and interns typically provide an average of one assessment per week. The assessment consists of a structured interview, personality test, and drug/alcohol screening instrument. Typical recommendations of these assessments include asserting that the patient is acceptable for surgery, needs treatment for a psychological condition prior to surgery, or is not acceptable for surgery. Interns also have the opportunity to participate in bariatric support groups and may have the opportunity to provide follow-up services for patients who are struggling with behavioral adaptations post-surgery.