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ARH Patient Navigator -With You Every Step of the Way

There is more to dealing with cancer than doctor’s appointments and treatment options. From family and financial concerns to insurance or employment issues, these stresses drain energy that should be focused on treatment and recovery.

With the help of the Patient Navigator at the ARH Cancer Center, we make sure you are not alone during your treatment by providing free assistance including:

 Transportation Assistance: Getting patients to and from treatments on a regular basis. The Cancer Center has also established a  Patient Assistance Fund and holds regular fundraisers to help patients who need transportation or lodging assistance during multiple treatment visits.

Medication Assistance: Programs are available to assist qualifying patients in filling prescriptions with large co-pays or, if the patient has no insurance.

Financial Assistance: If the patient has no insurance,arrangements can be made to get them enrolled for a Spend Down Card. Patients qualifying for Medicaid or another program can be assisted in the application process. There are also Financial Assistance programs available through Cancer Care and the American Cancer Society.

Turbans/Hats: The Cancer Center has free turbans/hats available for all patients.

Cancer Information: The Patient Navigator can help the patient find valuable information about the particular type of cancer, its treatment and side effects, to help them be as informed as possible during treatment as well as during survivorship and living with cancer.

Additional services performed by the Patient Navigator include assessing medical, social,and environmental services through service providers at the lowest cost possible, sometimes even free of charge.

Those services include,but are not limited to:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Medication
  • Hearing Aids
  • Housing
  • Food/Clothing
  • Dental Services
  • Medical Services
  • Household items

For more information about the Patient Navigator Services, call Shannon Morton at 606-435-7210