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You have reached the federally required section of our website that contains the charges for the services we provide within our facility.


Healthcare billing is complex. It is important for you, as the consumer, to understand that standard charges should be considered only a starting point for estimating what costs you may incur during an episode of care.  Hospital charges vary from patient to patient based upon each patient’s clinical need.  In addition, some insurers provide their beneficiaries with discounts when multiple procedures are performed during the same hospital encounter.  Finally, the amount you actually pay will depend upon your insurance plan’s deductible and coinsurance obligations, if any.  Per Federal requirements, the prices posted herein contain the estimated allowable amounts under particular payer plans, and do not reflect the projected amount due from the patient.


We welcome all patients (regardless of insurance status) to contact us for information about our financial assistance programs, or a better understanding of their insurance coverage.


Copies of the Financial Assistance Application and the policies are available on our website

Financial Assistance

Standard Charges for All Items & Services – Morgan County ARH Hospital



The link below provides access to all chargeable items and services provided by us for our hospital-registered inpatients and outpatients.  In accordance with federal requirements, each item and service includes the following standard charges:


  • Gross charge: The charge for an individual item or service that is reflected on our chargemaster, absent any discounts. Our patients do not pay this amount.
  • Discounted cash price: The charge that applies to an individual who pays cash (or cash equivalent) for a hospital item or service.
  • Minimum negotiated charge: The lowest charge that we have negotiated with all third-party payers for an item or service.
  • Maximum negotiated charge: The highest charge that we have negotiated with all third-party payers for an item or service.
  • Payer-specific negotiated charges: The charge that we have negotiated with a specific third-party payer for an item or service.
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Machine-Readable File for All Items and Services