Summers County ARH offers new Telestroke and Teleneurology Services to Stroke Patients

The community can count on Summers County ARH Hospital to provide the best in stroke care whether at your bedside or via its new telestroke and teleneurology patient care and monitoring program.

With a shortage of neurologists in the United States, especially in rural areas, telestroke and teleneurology programs allow expert-level care from a neurologist in our local community.

The Telestroke program allows ARH to provide time-critical diagnosis treatment such as the clot dissolving drugs (thrombolytics) used to treat the most common type of stroke.  Providing telestroke and teleneurology services give all patients in Appalachia a better chance of stroke survival and recovery.


“ARH has proven its dedication and loyalty to the communities they serve by heavily investing in significant neuroscience growth.  Current services include a cutting edge telehealth emergency room service as well as teleneurology clinics and inpatient services across the ARH System,” shared ARH Neurologist George Khouri, MD.


“I speak on behalf of our ARH Neuroscience Providers and staff when I express how honored and grateful we are for the opportunity to continue the rapid advancement of cutting edge neuroscience care across Eastern Kentucky,” said Dr. Khouri.


***Summers County ARH team Melanie Blume, RN and JoAnn Smith, RN consult via the new Telestroke program with Neurologist George A. Khouri, DO (on the computer screen).