Electrophysiologist joins ARH Cardiovascular

New Electrophysiologist joins ARH Cardiovascular and Thoracic Associates


ARH Cardiovascular and Thoracic Associates and Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center welcomes William Jeffrey Schoen, MD, to their medical staff.


Dr. Schoen is board certified in clinical cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular disease and internal medicine. Dr. Schoen completed a fellowship in cardiology at the University of Louisville and another fellowship in electrophysiology at the University of Louisville where he was named Chief Fellow and Fellow of the Year.  Dr. Schoen also completed a third fellowship in electrophysiology at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.


Electrophysiologists are dedicated to the study of the heart’s electrical system, and their area of expertise is to diagnose and treat heart arrhythmias and other heart rhythm disorders. These can include irregular heartbeats where the heart beats too quickly (tachycardia), or when the heart beats too slowly (bradycardia). One of the most common arrhythmias that electrophysiologists treat is atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib. AFib occurs when the heart’s upper chambers—the atria—contract irregularly. AFib is the most common type of heart arrhythmia, which is a leading cause of blood clots that can cause a stroke.


“We are excited to welcome Dr. Schoen to our medical staff,” said Dan Stone, Hazard ARH Community CEO. “His exceptional expertise in heart rhythm disorders is a great benefit to Perry County and our entire region.”


Dr. Schoen is accepting new patients at the ARH Cardiology Electrophysiology Office at the ARH Hazard Medical Mall, located at 210 Black Gold Blvd. in Hazard.  To schedule an appointment, call 606.487.7000.